Saturday, December 24, 2011

Practice, Practice, Practice~Photog friends in the Pearl

I never feel that I have learned all there is when it comes to my photography.  There's always a new setting, a new angle, a new editing tool, a new way to create light...and it goes on.  I put together a little "party" with some of my friends, who are also photographers (and moms).  We are all at different stages in our experience and development and can glean so much from each other.  We bundled up this week (minus a couple because of the sick bugs) and took my daughter Reagan along with us to be our willing model.  We wanted to go somewhere new for most of us so we went to downtown Portland in the Pearl district.  It's such a fun and interesting backdrop, and we didn't have to walk very much to find different backdrops.  There was a HUGE Christmas tree in Jamison Square, along with some fun artwork.  Right across the street was the remnants of an old building that just has the wall standing.  We played around, even had Karina taking some video of us, which was fun!  I'm sure we will doing more of this in the future but it was a good first time out!

Photographers in action! Why is Heather taking photos of ME? Although she's probably thinking the same thing about me. 

A couple fun vantage points, here's one...and in the same spot...(see next photo)

Karina Tobin of K Tobin Video Productions

I just love this one!!! 

Heather Beam of Beam & Bliss Photography

Anna Hollister of Anna Hollister Photography

I can't wait to get together and do it again girls, with more photogs ready to practice, new setting, new lighting, new things to learn.  Thanks for a fun morning out! :)

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